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    Bring Family Tradition To Your Community Today With Pinecrest Bakery.

    We’d love to welcome you to the PB family, where Amor and Pasion are baked into every bite. Pinecrest Bakery offers a unique Cuban café experience with authentic pastries, baked goods, and coffee. Guests can indulge in our delicious menu of gourmet treats and sandwiches, perfect for any time of day, hence our 24hr locations! With a proven model and impressive bottom line, PB franchisees can expect a strong potential ROI. 

    Our dedicated team takes pride in delivering top-quality products and exceptional customer service. We provide unwavering support and training through PB University to guide you towards success. Join our Familia and achieve your Sueños in the world of Cuban cuisine 

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    Our traditions begin with Familia and Pastelitos

    Since its opening in December 2012, Pinecrest Bakery has become a beloved staple in the South Florida community. Founded by the Valdes and Rodriguez families, who hail from Miami’s historical Little Havana, our bakery is driven by a deep-rooted commitment to sharing the rich traditions of Cuban baked delicacies (i.e Pastelitos) and cafes. 
    We are dedicated to providing your community, regardless of their cultural background, with an authentic taste of Latin American cuisine that embodies the warmth and flavors of home. With a focus on quality ingredients, consistency and an inviting upscale atmosphere, we strive to create a memorable experience that honors the cherished traditions and brings families together. 

    Committed to Bringing Family Tradition to Your Table

    Pinecrest Bakery opened December 2012 with lines reaching out the door early weekend mornings, a sweet-spot filled the hearts, homes and appetites of South Florida families, and has since become a staple in the community.


    Founded by the Valdes and Rodriguez families, natives of the Little Havana area of Miami, combined vision and talent to share their passion for Cuban baked delicacies and cafes in neighborhoods that would benefit from fresh and affordable tasty food every day.


    Our mission is to provide modern families and fast casual diners of all cultural backgrounds with authentic and affordable Latin American food that is prepared with quality ingredients, and delivered consistently in a clean environment and homelike upscale atmosphere.


    With over 1 MILLION Pastelitos served since 2012, we’ve been nominated “Best Bakery” in the Miami New Times readers poll every year since 2018!

    OUr Mission

    To provide modern families and the “fast casual” consumer of all cultural backgrounds with authentic delectable and fair-priced Latin American food that is prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients, delivered quickly and consistently in a clean environment and upscale home like atmoshphere.

    OUr Vision

    We are here to share a “Bite into Tradition” as your neighborhood family bakery.

    Five years from now, Pinecrest Bakery will continue to provide fast Latin American food with consistent taste, serving time, and fair price, to families of all cultural backgrounds, by continuing to add new locations yearly throughout Florida and beyond state lines.

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    The PB Investment Break Down

    A franchisee can start their very own Pinecrest Bakery with an initial investment of between $450,000 to $900,000 which includes the start-up costs and our franchise fee.
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    Royalty Fee
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    Local Advertising
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    Proven Plans

    Pinecrest Bakery offers 20 well-established and prosperous sites that provide a personal look at how to manage a lucrative bakery.

    Profitable Model

    We deliver a great potential ROI with a minimal overhead, low start-up cost, and applicability in almost any market.

    Siempre contigo

    We'll be there for you every step of the way, with resources, relationships, vendors, knowledge, y mucho mas!

    Expert Training

    It’s as easy as pie to plug right into our systems and apply training for a short learning curve that will have you raking in the dough in no time.

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    Caring Team

    We’re a familia! By purchasing a PB Franchise, you join a passionate community, committed to your success. pa' siempre!

    24 Hour Model

    In appropriate markets, options for efficiently running a 24-hour Latin Bakery are available. Supported by our current concept.

    One-Of-A-Kind Concept

    Pinecrest Bakery offers a unique concept that customers love and an expert team listos to replicate recipes and continually grow the customer base.


    Our model is operationally simple with 50% pre-prepped products that are delivered to you. Great for your workload, great for the bottom line.

    WHy PB Franchise?

    Current Locations

    Pinecrest has 20+ established and successful locations that demonstrate firsthand how to run a lucrative bakery.

    Profitable ROI

    With a reasonable overhead, low start-up cost, and applicability in just about any market, we provide a strong potential ROI.

    Operations Systems

    Our model is operationally simple. Franchisees don’t have to worry about an intricate baking process as we provide 50% of the products pre-prepped

    Trendy Selling Point

    Producing Latin favorites in a café is unique in the current marketplace. Our expert team can replicate the recipes to grow the customer base.

    Teachable to Newcomers

    It’s easy to plug right into our systems and apply training for a short operational learning curve for starting a successful business.

    24 Hour Model

    Options to smoothly run a 24-hour Latin Bakery concept is available in fitting markets.

    Your success is our success

    we’ll be in this with you every step of the way, through our resources, partnerships, suppliers, expertise and much more!



    Home-style breakfast platters, and sandwiches like "Pan con Tortilla" among other favorites.


    Classic Cuban pastelitos, croquetas, empanadas, tequeños and more favorite baked delicacies.


    Enjoy classic Cuban sandwiches served hot off "la plancha" or oven-toasted in the kitchen.


    Family dinners available all year! Committed to bringing family tradition to your table.


    The traditional platters for birthdays, luncheons, or even fancy parties. We have a variety of Miami favorites.


    Serving over 60+ desserts and cakes available to pick-up in stores or specialty order requests.

    Opening store timeline

    Our Franchise Process

    Building A Bond, One Bite At A Time

    The First Taste

    So happy to hear from you! Take your first bite into the Pinecrest franchising process by completing and submitting a form to let us know you’re interested. And sign an NDA

    Discovery Day

    Meet the family! We will provide you with our Financial Disclosure Document (FDD) and Franchise Agreement (FA) to carefully review before signing

    Sign FDD & FA

    After a 14 day cooling period proceed to sign the financial documents and pay the $50k franchising fee. 

    Secure Location

    Once location is secure and the lease it signed, find contractor, architect, plan manager and begin construction plans. 

    Advertising Strategy

     Now that you have the location secured, you can begin preparing specific marketing strategies.

    First Initial Training

    Get all the PB Operations manuals, forms and work instructions needed to set up your store for success

    Construction Phase

    Begin construction and secure all required permits prior to opening

    PB Training Program

    3 months prior to opening and within no less than 2 months, We provide a comprehensive training program and ongoing support in both the pre-opening and post-opening stages.


    Your Success Is Our Success

    We’ll be in this with you every step of the way, through our resources, partnerships, suppliers, expertise and much more! 

    Calling All Passionate Franchisees!

    Anyone who has a passion and interest in the Pinecrest Bakery brand has amazing potential for our franchise opportunity, and any previous food service experience goes a long way!
    The number one quality we look for is strong management skills and our dream candidates include entrepreneurs, former or current restaurant owners, hospitality workers, managers from the business field, and retail workers. Bilingual skills are a bonus!

    Download Franchise Brochure


    The best Pinecrest Bakery franchisees will love good food and enjoy serving people. They should be a great manager that can operate with complete integrity in front of the customer to uphold our company culture.

    Exclusive territories can be negotiated based on specific socio-economic markets and defined areas documented as a 50,000 to 100,000 population center
    We offer all franchisees streamlined operational systems as well as the knowledge and tools needed to create the best possible bakery experience through comprehensive training, expert guidance, and ongoing support.

    Franchise Fee: $50,000 

    Royalty Fee: 5% of Gross Sales

    Local Advertising: 1% of Gross Sales

    Corporate Marketing Fund: 1% of Gross Sales

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